Xiangnian Sesame Buckwheat Flavor Wide Noodles With Sauce Pocket Pack 0.268lb For Wholesale

Package: 0.268lb/Piece, 32 Pieces/Box.

MOQ: 100 Boxes. Support OEM & ODM.

Noodle’s Features:

  1. Made from a mix of buckwheat and wheat flour, these wide noodles feature a smoky sesame flavor.
  2. The accompanying sauce has a mildly spicy, sweet, and savory flavor with hints of garlic and ginger.
  3. The noodles have a chewy texture and a strong, aromatic taste.
  4. They are a great accompaniment to stir-fries and soups.
  5. The package comes with two individual packages of noodles and sauce, making it easy to prepare a single serving.


What is the product?

Sesame Buckwheat Flavor Wide Noodles With Sauce is a popular Chinese instant noodle dish. It consists of wide, chewy noodles made from buckwheat flour and flavored with a savory sesame sauce. It is usually served with a variety of toppings, such as vegetables, eggs, and meat.

What are the primary selling points?

  1. Made with buckwheat flour for a unique flavor and texture.
  2. Ready to eat in just 3 minutes.
  3. Includes a delicious, savory sauce.
  4. Low in fat and calories.
  5. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly.
  6. Convenient and easy to prepare.
  7. A great source of fiber and protein.

What issues have it solved?

Sesame Buckwheat Flavor Wide Noodles With Sauce is a convenient and delicious way to quickly and easily make a delicious meal. They solve the problem of having to prepare a complicated recipe or complicated ingredients to create a flavorful and satisfying meal. The noodles and sauce come together quickly, allowing for a quick and easy meal with minimal effort.

Ingredients details

Noodles Ingredients

Wheat flour, potato starch, buckwheat flour, black rice flour, chickpea flour, tremella powder, Poria powder, pearl barley powder, Hieracium Erinaceus powder, highland barley powder, quinoa powder, corn powder, oat powder, mung bean powder, bitter melon powder, lily powder, pumpkin powder, yam powder, mushroom powder, red date powder, soybean oil.

Food Allergy Reminder: The product contains wheat bran, sesame, and soybean.

Sauce Ingredients

Sesame paste package ingredients: sesame paste, soybean oil, chili, green onion, yeast extract, artificial edible essence, spices (star anise, fennel, cumin, Myrcia).

Sauce package ingredients: water, brewing vinegar (water, sorghum, wheat bran, barley, peas, edible salt), sodium glutamate, disodium 5’-ribonucleotide, sugar, edible salt, brewing soy sauce (containing caramel color), spices(star anise, fennel, cumin, Myrcia).

Chili oil ingredients: soybean oil, chili, sesame, edible salt, vitamin E.

Vegetable package ingredients: dehydrated scallions, fried sesame.

Expiration Date

9 months.

Piece informations

Production Method
Origin of Country
Noodle Type
Wide Noodle

Package = 32*piece

Tank gauge size

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