What products does Xiangnian company sell?

On the basis of taking quality as the lifeline, Xiangnian has always been guided by consumer demand and driven by innovation to drive enterprise development. 

Now it has formed five series of classic noodles, top selection noodles, cultural noodles, health noodles, and original noodles, with nearly 400 products.

How does Xiangnian company make food Healthy?

Xiangnian company has successively won the “National Safe Grain and Oil Demonstration Project Demonstration Processing Enterprise”, “National Staple Food Processing Industry Demonstration Enterprise”, “Top 10 Chinese Dried Noodle Processing Enterprises”, “Provincial Demonstration Enterprise of China Good Grain and Oil Action Plan” and “Top 100 Chinese Food Enterprises for Social Responsibility in 2020″ Enterprise” and “Henan Province Poverty Alleviation Leading Enterprise”.

Passed the certification of quality management system, food safety management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, HACCP system, and integration of industrialization and industrialization management system.

Which shopping malls are Xiangnian noodles sold in?

Xiangnian noodles have been sold in Yonghui Superstores, China ResourcesWumart Stores and other major supermarkets, and are sold all over the country.

Is it expensive to start the business?

Not really. You only need to 500 US dollars can start the business.