1.75mm Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles Bundle Pack 2.2lb

Package: 2.2lb/Piece, 15 Pieces/Box.

MOQ: 50 Boxes. Support OEM and ODM.

Noodle’s Features:

  1. Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles are a classic Chinese noodle dish from the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province. It is a spicy dish which consists of thick, chewy noodles topped with a spicy sesame and chili sauce.
  2. The noodles are made from wheat flour, salt, and water and are cooked in hot oil until they become crispy.
  3. The chili sauce includes chili peppers, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil.
  4. The dish is usually garnished with chopped green onions, sesame seeds, and/or peanuts.
  5. Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles are typically served with a side of pickled cucumbers or radishes.
  6. It is a popular street food in Wuhan and is often served in restaurants as well.


What is the product?

Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles is a type of Chinese noodle dish from the city of Wuhan, in Hubei province. It is a spicy Sichuan-style noodle dish made with sesame paste, chili oil, scallions, garlic, and other seasonings. It is usually served cold or at room temperature.

What are the primary selling points?

  1. Authentic flavor: Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles are made with an authentic and traditional recipe, giving them a delicious and unique flavor.
  2. Quick and easy preparation: Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles come in easy-to-use packs, and can be prepared in just minutes.
  3. Convenience: Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles are quick, easy and mess-free. They are perfect for busy people who don’t have time to cook a full meal.
  4. Variety: Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles come in a variety of flavors, allowing customers to find the perfect flavor to suit their taste.
  5. Nutrition: Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles are a low-calorie, nutritious and filling meal. They are packed with protein and fiber, making them a great choice for a healthy and balanced diet.

What issues have it solved?

  1. Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles provide a convenient and nutritious protein-rich snack. The spicy flavor appeals to a variety of palates.
  2. Easy to prepare, and making them ideal for those with busy schedules.
  3. They are a great way to use up leftovers, reducing food waste.
  4. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, making them ideal for different weather climates.
  5. It offers a good balance of carbohydrates and protein, making them a healthy snack choice.
  6. Low-fat, low-calorie option, making them a good choice for those watching their weight.
  7. Wuhan Hot Dried Noodles are vegetarian-friendly and contain no animal-based ingredients.
  8. Gluten-free, making them suitable for those with intolerances or allergies.

Ingredients details

Noodles Ingredients

Wheat flour, sodium carbonate, gluten, salt, and water.

Expiration Date

12 months

Piece informations

Production Method
Origin of Country
Noodle Type
Slim Noodle

Package = 15*piece

Tank gauge size

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