The longest noodles in the world

When we talk about noodles, most people have different ideas and knowledge about it. For example, the classic Italian pasta, Chinese style Ramen, Japanese Soba and Udon, Taiwanese glass noodles, Korean cold noodles … all kinds of noodles can bring different and unique tastes in various dishes.

But, do you know that there also exists some very special and longest noodles in the world? Not only are these noodles longer than most, but also are record-breaking or contested for the Guinness World Records. Let’s take a look at these longest noodles in the world and their unique history!

Longest Noodles in the World

World’s Longest Noodle is over 3,000m! – Guinness World Records – The weight was 147.5lbs

Xiangnian Food Co,.Ltd Surpass the Previous Broken Record

We broke the Guinness World Record for the longest noodles, reaching 3084.32 meters. 
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Other Records:

1. The Longest Udon Noodle

The longest Udon Noodle was created by 15 chefs from Nissin Migo Company at the Foodex Show in Tokyo, Japan, on March 14th, 2003. The resulting noodle stretched out 1,068 meters (3,504 feet) and, as a result, achieved the Guinness World Records title as the longest Udon noodle. To achieve this feat, the chefs created the Udon noodle by hand, using Japanese buckwheat flour, soy sauce, and other ingredients. In addition to its incredible length, the noodle also had a very thin variation of its diameter, with an average width of only 0.8 – 1.2 mm.

2. The Longest Handmade Noodle

The longest handmade noodle in the world was created in 2005 by Chengdu Noodle Company of China. This noodle stretched to 2,835.53 meters (9,298.3 feet), which was more than double the length of the longest Udon noodles. It took four chefs from the company 2 hours and 24 minutes to make this handmade noodle. This impressive noodle was made from only one basic ingredient, wheat flour. It was also created manually, after the dough was kneaded and turned into dough to create its lengthy form.

3. The Longest Soba Noodle

The longest Soba noodle in the world was achieved by Watanabe Tadao and his apprentice Ozawa Kazutoshi, in 2010. The resulting noodle was 1,270 meters (4,167 feet) in length and was made from Nothing but buckwheat, water, and natural dye such as turmeric and saffron. In order to achieve this feat, the two chefs worked for two and a half days making the dough and forming the lengthy Soba noodles.

Benefits of Long Noodles

Although these noodles are not the kind of noodles we are used to eating in our everyday lives, these record-breaking noodles created through special techniques can bring numerous benefits.

1. Rich Flavour

Because these noodles are freshly handmade, they are able to absorb the flavors of the seasoning more than normal noodles, allowing them to feature a richer taste. For example, the Udon noodles created in Japan in 2003 had a richer soy sauce flavor due to its length. This can make the noodle dish a more exciting and refreshed eating experience.

2. Improved Texture

When the dough is stretched out and processed into a longer noodle, its texture is improved. This helps to give the noodle an authentically chewy taste while also having more of a springy texture. This can help to make the overall noodle dish more enjoyable to eat.

3. Symbolism

Long noodles are often symbolic for good health and long life. Although these long noodles are not meant for eating in everyday life, in some areas of the world, these noodles are seen as a special type of blessing or wish.


The longest noodles in the world are incredibly fascinating to see and enjoy. These long noodles, achieved through special techniques and stretching only from the needed ingredients, is a impressive feat indeed. Not only are these noodles incredibly long, but also, they come with amazing flavor, texture, and symbolism. If you are looking for something unique and new to add to your meals, give these long noodles a try to find out why the culinary world can’t stop talking about them!