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1.25mm Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles Bundle Pack 2.2lb

1.25mm Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles Bundle Pack 2.2lb

Package: 2.2lb/Piece, 15 Pieces/Box.

MOQ: 50 Boxes. Support OEM & ODM.

Noodle’s Features:

  1. A unique flavor combination of egg and birthday cake.
  2. Made with real eggs and non-GMO wheat flour.
  3. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  4. A special, limited-edition product .
  5. Convenient and easy to prepare.
  6. A fun and creative way to enjoy a birthday celebration meal.
  7. A great gift for kids and adults alike.


What is the product?

Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles is a type of instant noodles created by Nissin Foods. It consists of egg-flavored noodles and a special seasoning powder in a bright yellow and pink packaging. The noodles are sold in Asian and have become popular in recent years as a festive snack for birthday celebrations.

What are the primary selling points?

  1. Delicious egg flavor– Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles have a unique and delicious egg flavor that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.
  2. Easy to prepare– Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles are easy to prepare in just minutes, making them perfect for any busy lifestyle.
  3. Value– Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles provide a great value for the price, making them a great choice for any budget.
  4. Versatility– Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles are versatile enough to be used in a variety of recipes, from stir-fries to noodle soups.
  5. Variety– With three different flavors available, there is something for everyone in the Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles family.

What issues have it solved?

Egg Flavor Birthday Noodles have solved the issue of presenting an easy-to-prepare yet delicious noodle dish that requires minimal time and effort. It also provides an opportunity to have a unique and tasty birthday dish that doesn’t take too much time to prepare. The dish is also great for those who are on a budget, as it can easily be made with simple ingredients that can be found around the house. Additionally, the dish is versatile and can be adjusted to fit any diet, making it suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and even those who are following a gluten-free lifestyle.

Ingredients details

Noodles Ingredients

Wheat flour, chicken whole egg powder, salt, and water.

Expiration Date

12 months

Piece informations

Production Method
Origin of Country
Noodle Type
Slim Noodle

Package = 15*piece

Tank gauge size

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